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Mathews Market Days 2020 POSTPONED UNTIL 2021

The Mathews Market Days Committee held their first monthly meeting in person since COVID-19 yesterday evening. The final decision was made on whether to go forward with the annual event or cancel it. Two major factors influenced our decision: COVID-19 restrictions and funding for the event.

After a rigorous and emotional discussion, the unanimous decision was to cancel this year's Mathews Market Days.

Every member wanted to continue to hold Mathews Market Days, but no matter how many ways we looked at it, there was enough risk for us to reconsider. After putting personal feelings aside, we made the judgement call on what we feel is best for the community. We realize that this decision may be a disappointment to many and that local organizations plan their fundraisers around Market Days, making our decision to cancel even more difficult. It is the hope of the Committee that we can lend our support to another upcoming Mathews County event in the future. It is also our hope to return to a time when social events and festivals are back on all of our calendars.

Just know this decision was not made lightly and without a great deal of disappointment among us as well. We thank you for your continued support throughout the years and look forward to Mathews Market Days 2021.

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